Today we’re happy to offer a fresh perspective on the sell-side of the market, from Jim Young, who joined Osage Advisors after thirty years in corporate development on the buy-side. In Jim’s three years of representing sellers with Osage, he identifies a few of the critical factors for a successful sale:  valuation expectation, accurate physical inventory, and proper documentation.

Valuation Expectation

It’s essential to recognize what a seller’s business is worth in today’s market, especially because it could be quite different than the owner’s perception. A Valuation Model can be created with the help of an advisor, such as Osage, by analyzing a company’s financials in conjunction with market research. This valuation expectation is necessary to helping the seller understand how the current market values his, or her, business.

Physical Inventory

Accurate and timely physical inventory is required in preparing a business for sale.
Without a proper inventory and accurate financial statements, the process can drag on and negatively impact the sales price. If you’re thinking about selling your business in the near future, it’s imperative that your financial statements are produced in a timely and accurate manner.


Proper documentation is another essential item for a seller to provide. For example, if you use hazardous materials in your production process, it’s your responsibility to ensure your business has all the permits and procedures needed for the operation of your manufacturing facility. A potential buyer is going to do a deep dive into a seller’s business with experienced attorneys, and any lack of proper records creates a high chance of a buyer walking away from the deal.

Osage Advisors’ number one priority is to provide the highest level of comfort and service to you – the seller.  Our experience on both the buying and selling side enables Osage to guide our clients through every step of the sales transaction.

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