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About Us

Clients First. Guiding You
Through the Process

For over 20 years, Osage Advisors has helped the owners of midsize businesses get the most value when they sell their company.

We understand that selling your business is much more than a financial transaction – it’s a very personal matter. Making the decision to sell a company that you worked so hard to build is a major life decision; our team approaches each client’s sale with great care and passion.

While our goal is to bring you the best value when we sell your company, we know the best value means more than just the best price. It also means finding a buyer who understands and appreciates your business culture, delivers the right fit for your employees, and is willing to build on your legacy to help the future success of the business. We navigate every step of the sales process with you to ensure a smooth experience and your desired results.

We’re proud of the successes we’ve achieved for our clients and look forward to putting our experience, knowledge, and passion to work for you. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be considered as your trusted advisor.

We’re here to help. Selling a
business can get you into rough waters
– Don’t go it alone!